Bloomfield Parklands SUMMER PICNIC DAY

Gather your friends and family to celebrate the glorious Bloomfield Parklands at the old Golf Course, Forest Road for a SUMMER PICNIC DAY FROM 11AM, SUNDAY 24 JANUARY 2021

Bring your frisbee, kite, ball or cricket bat and experience the beautiful shade and open vistas, play some hide and seek and spread out your picnic rug.

While you’re there, imagine the potential of enhancing this space over time to create Orange’s answer to Central Park in New York, or Centennial Park in Sydney. Bike paths, more native trees, intelligent succession planting to eventually replace the old pine trees, and a venue for events and festivals.

We have a Covid-19 safety plan for the event, so please enter only via the designated entry area, scan the QR code, or hand-write contact details, use sanitiser and maintain a distance of 1.5m between yourself and other family groups.

The event starts at 11am and finishes at 1pm.  You may wish to stroll through the grounds afterwards to imagine its potential and enjoy the space, but please be aware that this will be outside of the event so your covid safety will be your own responsibility.

Most of all, have fun!

This could be another jewel to attract visitors who love Orange’s tree and green spaces. It could be wonderful!

We have wonderful parklands in Orange, BUT… did you know?

We currently stand to lose this amazing public green space if Orange City Council proceeds with the DA to remove 513 trees.

We are in no way opposed to the sports precinct! However, the proposed precinct could be relocated to another site, (such as the as original intended site in north Orange) without destroying one amazing outdoor place to gain another.

To preserve and grow this potential parkland, it’s important that residents put in a submission to Council opposing the tree removal and quote DA 464/2020(1). Not sure how to make a submission? It can be as simple as a list of points or a single paragraph.

Email your submission to

Or post to:

David Waddell CEO
Orange City Council
PO Box 35
Orange NSW 2800

Or drop it directly into Council. Hand-written is fine! It needs to be done by 5 February, so TODAY would be an excellent day to do it!

And we hope to see you on Sunday 24 January for a fantastic picnic day!

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