Futuring Orange has been created to enable Orange and its surrounding districts to become a highly engaged and effective community that takes responsibility for our own future and that of future generations. Our activities aim to educate, inspire, inform, encourage, collaborate, and change for the better.

Wherever possible our activities will be spontaneous, unconventional, exciting, enjoyable, fun, inclusive, creative, efficient, fulfilling, and will develop the skills and contacts of participants.

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We are project-based, meaning you meet only when necessary and only about the projects which interest you. There is no obligation to get involved in any project, you can just stay on the mailing list to keep yourself up to date. However, if you want to get involved, we need a range of skills and experience and would love to hear from you!


Prosperous, vibrant, innovative, effective and engaged communities working intelligently together to bring about the ideal future, including clean energy, minimal waste and a safe climate.


To inspire and enable all generations to re-imagine and create their ideal future through partnerships, events and well-thought-out projects and programs, happening now.


  • Clear impact and outcome for every project
  • Exciting, enjoyable, fun wherever possible.
  • Projects to include a social outcome where possible, eg. inclusivity
  • We need to be flexible, fast-acting, inclusive, creative, ad hoc when need be, spontaneous
  • Activities that make participants think & act long after the activity – create after-effects / ripple effects and secondary / flow-on benefits (that are on-going, continuous, and increasingly improving)
  • Encourage, support, partner – enable local collaborations (optimise local resources & existing groups) and national/international collaborations where relevant
  • Project-based (communicating only when necessary) – minimal time wasted in meetings
  • Educating & awareness to be included in every project where possible
  • Not afraid to do things differently, unconventionally or imperfectly