Do you have a brilliant idea — but you’re not sure how to get it off the ground? We want to hear from you! Pitch your project idea and let’s make it happen!

We’re looking for projects to enrich our beautiful region, that corresponds with our values. For example:

  1. Stopping environmental harm e.g. local waste reduction and emissions reduction projects, support climate action initiatives
  2. Providing the alternatives e.g. solar farm initiatives, electric or bio-fuel transport, more bike access, repair shop groups, community food gardens, reusable alternatives to single-use items, ride-sharing, reduce packaging
  3. Drawdown / regeneration e.g tree planting, soil improvement, farming practices, Soil C Quest, carbon farming,
  4. Influence / education e.g. school programs, kids holiday programs
  5. Social change e.g. community spaces enrichment, return and earn, discount for BYO takeaway containers, green waste, recycling, make do and repair.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t fill out every section of this form. It’s just a starting point to begin thinking through your project idea and to verbally “pitch” it to the group if you need help. Later you can add timelines to your project goals and detail how you would measure if your goals were achieved.

Please fill in the form below, or if you prefer — download our Project Proposal Pitch form

Pitch your project below!

Thanks for your ideas, energy and enthusiasm! Let’s get some great things done!

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