We’re on a mission to create a much better future for everyone. We have an exciting opportunity ahead of us — to bring to our region the best projects currently happening all over the world AND create some entirely new ones. Together we can make the future bright — for us and our children. Come with us — let’s make things happen!

Below are the projects we already have in the pipeline. If you think you could lend a hand or if you want to get involved sign up here.

Projects in the pipeline

Electric Vehicles Expo

Orange Electric Car Expo 2020

This project is already underway to plan an event for 2020. We know that emissions from vehicles create almost one-fifth of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. This is also the component of greenhouse gas emissions with the highest growth rate. So the sooner we rapidly transition to EV’s the better. This project aims to showcase how exciting this transition will be and is planned for early next year.

Calling on volunteers to help manage this event

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We know that some households in Orange struggle so much to pay for heating in winter that it is unbearable to get out of bed on a cold winter’s morning. This project will consult with a community organisation such as St Vincent de Paul or the Salvation Army to identify households in need of help. These households will be invited to apply for their home to be “adopted” by this project.

Initially, one house will be selected, an “energy audit” completed and a strategy developed for making their home much more comfortable in winter and much more affordable to live in. This will include insulation, sealing of air gaps and solar PV for power, among other measures. Local businesses are invited to assist with donations of equipment and services with lots of positive media and publicity in return. We will carefully measure the success of the project using before and after measurements for temperature, air drafts and running costs.

In addition to making winter (and summer!) comfortable and power bills manageable for a household, this is an education opportunity — through media attention we can educate the community about the importance of ensuring their homes are minimising their energy use while at the same time remaining comfortable (and healthy) we can showcase what is possible in a step by step basis and what the benefits are.

Future-focused policy group


This is a project for people who are interested in ensuring we have community and climate heroes and leaders at all levels of government in our area.  We recognise that many of our projects will have a greater chance for big, positive impacts if we have supportive leaders on Orange City Council, our State MP and Federal MP.

This group will actively encourage members of our community to consider running for council and will create education forums to let people know what this involves in terms of time commitment and what sort of things they would actually do on council.  It will also look at strategies to encourage existing leaders at local, state and federal level to show the kind of leadership we need to create a healthy and prosperous future. This group’s activities will involve research, relationship-building, communication and events.

Solar on every rooftop

Project Solar on Every Roof Top in Orange NSW

We aim to make it easier for households in Orange to up rooftop solar by taking the guesswork out of deciding which is the best provider, best value and best equipment. The project involves organising a “bulk-buy” of solar PV for a large number of households in Orange, to attract the best possible price. The group will research providers and also other local councils who have successfully run a bulk-buy project, such as Parkes NSW.

‘Who Gives A Crap’ —  product sales/delivery


This project builds on our current relationship with the Australian Company with a cheeky name but a great vision. Who Gives A Crap reduces deforestation by providing toilet paper, tissues and kitchen paper made from either recycled office paper or bamboo. Not a single tree is harmed to make their products! In addition, they donate 50% of profits to water projects in developing countries and none of their products is wrapped in plastic (unlike practically all options at the supermarket.)

This project will streamline our existing promotion, sales and delivery of these products so that in addition to the above benefits, it also creates an income stream to assist other Futuring Orange projects.


Waste reduction in the CBD


We want to see access to many more recycling bins / skips in the Orange CBD for retailers, which are currently seriously lacking! And did you know that there is NO ACCESS to green waste bins in the CBD? We have so many vibrant cafes and restaurants that would love to divert their food waste from landfill and provide vital moisture and nutrients to the council composting facility!

We also want to see the implementation of segregated bins for public waste – landfill, organic and recycling.


Get involved!

Don’t see anything here that inspires you? Maybe you have a brilliant idea of your own but are not sure how to get it off the ground. We want to hear from you! Pitch your project idea!